Hello, we are Cresco Innovation.

Expert consultants for proposal writing.

With a decade of experience behind them, the Cresco Innovation team in the UK has an excellent track record of helping companies develop and implement innovation strategies. As a team, we have raised £30 million in funding in three years, and in 2017 alone, we secured £18 million for European SMEs.

But we do more than write proposals. Our team has extensive business development knowledge, so your projects have a real commercial focus. Our proposal writing consultants have degrees in healthcare, materials science and engineering and are trained to provide you with a package of professional closing documents that gives you the best chance of securing funding.

Why hire a proposal writer?

Writing bids or proposals is difficult, especially when accepted after application. Cresco specialises in bids and tenders and has extensive industry experience and knowledge.We work closely with our clients and use our experience to maximise the success of bids and tenders.

Our team closely manages each client, and we will do everything possible to set you apart from the competition.

Find suitable EU funds, grants, tenders and fundraising advice for your business ideas and innovations!


Our services

Cresco Innovation helps you secure funding for your innovative ideas.

We do not just write proposals – we are scientists and business consultants who are very good at writing proposals. Our experienced team secured £18 million in funding for European SMEs in 2017. Together, we can discuss the opportunities for your business.

Contact us today at office@cresco-innovation.eu!

Happy customer community

“For the newly established company, which is in a period of rapid development and has limited time and resources to apply for European tenders, the support, guidance and advice have been invaluable. Their impressive experience has enabled us to design our applications in the best possible way to continuously achieve the best results. Cresco has certainly helped us to better utilise our limited resources to achieve results, while managing the application process in a professional and friendly manner.”

Jason Jones, CBO / Ori Biotech Uk


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