The Gemstone Eurocluster Call offers two possibilities within their open call: GreenInnov and GreenAdopt. Calls offer 40-60.000€ per project. GreenInnov supports innovative SMEs in developing a new green technology, service, product or production process with a focus on prototyping in an industrial environment. The programme lasts 6 to 10 months and accepted SMEs receive funding as a lump sum. For the GreenInnov challenge, the TRL of the project should reach 5 or 6 on the TRL scale. The challenge GreenAdopt aims to foster the implementation of a new green technology service, product or business in the operation environment. The TRL of the project should reach 7 or 8 on the TRL scale. The selected applicants will have 6 to 10 months to complete the project, and for GreenAdopt, only a consortium of 2 SMEs from different regions should apply. The due for applications is 31.10.2023. Are you working on a project that fits into one of the named challenges? Is your project in need of funding? If the answer to both questions is »yes«, don’t hesitate to contact the Cresco team to help you write the winning proposal!